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 Benson Watch CompanyThe Benson Watch Company was founded on the principle that time should be spent doing what you love.  This belief is what prompted the founder, Marcel Benson, to put his plan in motion. Each timepiece is numbered and engraved with the company mantra. The goal for our limited edition collections is to provide opportunities to young entrepreneurs in undeserved communities. With this intention, Benson Watch Company has partnered with various organizations to make this a reality. 

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We talk business with owner Marcel Benson:

1). What are 3 things you believe all businesses should have?

  • A benefit to the immediate or greater community. I believe that if you are profiting from the people, you should give back to them in some way or allow them to be a part of a giving initiative.
  • A problem it is solving. I believe entrepreneurship is made up of two things: passion and solving problems.
  • Systems
2). What is a typical day like for you as a business owner?
There is no typical day.
3). Who and what inspires you?
Those who are inspired by my movement.
4). Why is supporting black-owned business important in our community?
Because it’s a comprehensive way of affecting the change we wish to see. Everything starts and ends with dollars.
5). What advice would you give to someone entering into the business world?
Believe in yourself 100% and face your fears. Your fears are simply signals of what you need to do. If it scares you, makes you anxious, or nervous, go after it!
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