Where’s The List?

One of the main reasons we started the Black Money Matters Project was to address the very important question “Where are our businesses?”. One of the barriers to supporting black-owned business is knowing where the businesses are.

When we were redesigning the website, one of our main concerns was creating a platform for a better, more user-friendly list for our supporters. During the design phase, we realized that a lot of the options were much more basic than we wanted to present to our website visitors. We want to meet your needs. We sifted through tons of info about directories and found what we were looking for.

So we’re continuing to work on building what we believe will be the directory experience that you’re looking for. We’ll be rolling it out as Phase II of our new website experience in a few weeks or so. In the interim, we’re making the previously posted business list available again so that you will still have some information. Click the link to download the file: last-file-november-2016

As always, we appreciate your patience and support. 


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